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If you're looking for some French sunshine, stick on “Mon Soleil” and immerse yourself in the sound of Emily in Paris.

There’s a lot more singing in Emily in Paris season 2 and for a good reason. Emily’s bestie Mindy (played by Ashley Park) starts dedicating time and effort to her music career in Paris (after a failed attempt in China), which means her character gets to belt out some amazing tunes.

“Mon Soleil”, the original song Ashley Park sings in the season finale, was created with her friend Freddy Wexler (who wrote "Stuck with You" for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande). Ashley told British Vogue(opens in new tab): “Darren [Star, the show’s creator] had come up to me and said, ‘I think we should do an original song.’ I was like, ‘Great. I don’t read music though.’ Luckily, my friend Freddy Wexler(opens in new tab) was available to collaborate… It’s Stevie Wonder vibes, but French, romantic and very pop.”

She also covered BTS’ “Dynamite”, which got the attention of one of the band’s members. RM reacted to it with a video on social media, which Ashley later shared, adding: “Honestly still on a high from this. RM giggling and Huh-ing was my peak.”

Emily in Paris Episode 10, French Revolution 

  • “Never Going Home Again” by Tyra Jutai, Think Differently
  • “San” by Bordo
  • “That Kinda Girl” by Pink Shark Music
  • “Fancy” by Pink Shark Music
  • “Mon Soleil” by Ashley Park (original song)
  • “Eden” by Futuro Pelo
  • “Carmen, Act 1 - “L’Amour est un Oiseu Rebelle (Remix)” by The Math Club
  • “Au Pays de Mercelles Juliet” by Moodioid
  • “Saudade (Mixed)” by Matveï
  • “Forget” by Ancient Pools
  • “Body to Body” by Bordo, Atëna
  • “Kunigonde” by Charlotte Fever
  • “Tenir Droit” by Mélissendre
  • “Eifell Tower” by Paprika Kinski
  • “Mirage” by Owlle

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